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B i o g r a p h y

Åsbjørg Ryeng is a Norwegian bandoneón-player.

“The bandoneón is an instrument that carries a lot of history. It was born in Europe in the middle of the 19th century and later on adopted to Argentina and Uruguay. The instrument has a wide range in its diversity due to its roots in church music and its journey through the waters of Rio de la Plata. Although the instrument today is mostly associated with the tango, its qualities have contributed also in other genres.”

​Ryeng started playing bandoneon in Trondheim with professor Kåre Jostein Simonsen at the age of 10. Since then she has played more than 1000 concerts and is now an active freelance musician performing concerts regularly around the world.

​Her musical education is mostly from Norway as she took her bachelor degree with the Norwegian bandoneón player professor Per Arne Glorvigen at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. Later she also finished her master degree at the same institute, this time traveling to Buenos Aires to take classes and look for inspiration as part of her degree.

​Her repertoire expands from classical and contemporary music to popular music and she is of course specialized in the Argentine tango style.

​Ryeng has built a great career and a strong reputation with her musical interpretations and intuitive musicality.




Some highlights from Åsbjørgs resume:

​Soloist with professional orchestras such as: 

·     The Arctic Philharmonic

·     The Trondheim Soloists

·     Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

·     Operaens Sinfonietta (The opera in Kristiansund)

·     Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

·     The Norwegian Radio Orchestra


As a soloist and chamber musician she has appeared in festivals such as:

·      Olavsfestdagene, Trondheim

·      Kråkeslottfestivalen, Senja

·      Smeltedigelen, Mo I Rana

·      Contrastofestivalen, Harstad

·      Klangfestivalen, Molde

·      Latinfestivalen, Trondheim

·      Gloppen musikkfestival, Gloppen

·      Hemnesjazz, Hemnes

·      Olsokdagene, Stiklestad


​She has performed in several countries:

·      Argentina

·      Belgium

·      Czeck Republic

·      Denmark

·      England

·      Faroe islands

·      France

·      Germany

·      Italy

·      Mozambique

·      The Netherlands

·      Norway

·      Sweden

·      Switzerland


​She has studied with bandoneón players:

·      Juan José Mosalini

·      Juanjo Mosalini

·      Julio Pane

·      Pablo Mainetti

·      Victor Lavallen


​She has played regularly and released CD´s with bands as:

·      El Muro Tango

·      Tangueros del Norte

·      Los Osos Polares

·      Cantango

·      Glød

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